About us 👀

At Starbiote, innovation is our passion and driving force. We are more than just a (futur) company;we are a community dedicated to excellence. Our initiative brings together creative minds and innovators around a shared vision: to make a significant impact through technology.


What we do

🎯 Our goal ?

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Make a significant impact through technology

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Brings together creative minds and innovators around a shared vision

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Create useful and innovative projects that push the boundaries of imagination

The team 

Who are we ? 🤔



Hello 👋 ! I am an enterprising beginner developer and the CEO of Starbiote.



I am an apprentice developer and passionate about computer science. I am the CTO of Starbiote.


Projects 📌

Our projects ❤️


DHelp is a community dedicated to computer programming. Our initiative aims to bring together developers around a Discord server and a website, where we provide resources, open-source projects, and a platform for mutual assistance.


ScribeSync is an innovative online platform that brings together passionate writers from around the world to collaborate on creative writing projects. Whether it's writing short stories, novels, scripts, or even plays, ScribeSync provides a space where authors can merge their ideas and talents to create unique and captivating works.